Mike Falconer

With over 16 years of management experience in the veterinary industry, 17 years of marketing experience, and 24 years of sales and customer service experience I speak on a wide range of topics, from mentorship, social media, and marketing, all the way to theft prevention and time management.

Mike Falconer

If you have a particular subject in mind I am happy to discuss this with you, but I am also happy to come up with suggestions based on the audience. I am happy to talk over zoom or in person.

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Talks currently in Rotation:

Numbers for Vets who Don’t like Numbers – Using management benchmarks as an associate in daily practice.  (VBMA Category 1)

The Myth of Time Management – How to be productive and not get overwhelmed. (VBMA Category 3)

Communicating through the Noise – Internal communication tools and strategies (VBMA Category 3)

Weaponized Reviews – Defense against those using reviews as a weapon.  (VBMA Category 2)

Content Creation as a Marketing Strategy – How Craig Road and Lone Mountain Animal Hospitals’ use story telling as a marketing tool. (VBMA Category 3)

What’s the Worst that can Happen? – Disaster Preparedness (VBMA Category 2)

Belonging – The Language and Emotion of Groups and Teams (VBMA Category 3)

Getting the Job you want – externships, Interviewing, and being a success at your new job. (VBMA Category 4)

Annual Employee Reviews Suck – Just not as much as the alternatives (Workshop for Practice Managers)

Mike on the Uncharted Podcast February 2019.

Mike on the Vet Med After Hours Podcast December 2019. 


Hear Mike Talk:

U.C. Davis VBMA: What’s the Worst that Could Happen – January 19th 2023

Wolfpack Leadership Conference 2023: Belonging – The Language and Emotion of Groups and Teams – March 4th 2023

Mike Falconer

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