Mike Falconer

With over 16 years of management experience in the veterinary industry, 17 years of marketing experience, and 24 years of sales and customer service experience I speak on a wide range of topics, from mentorship, social media, and marketing, all the way to theft prevention and time management.

Mike Falconer

If you have a particular subject in mind I am happy to discuss this with you, but I am also happy to come up with suggestions based on the audience. I am happy to talk over zoom or in person.

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Talks currently in Rotation:

Numbers for Vets who Don’t like Numbers – Using management benchmarks as an associate in daily practice.  (VBMA Category 1)

The Myth of Time Management – How to be productive and not get overwhelmed. (VBMA Category 3)

Communicating through the Noise – Internal communication tools and strategies (VBMA Category 3)

Weaponized Reviews – Defense against those using reviews as a weapon.  (VBMA Category 2)

Content Creation as a Marketing Strategy – How Craig Road and Lone Mountain Animal Hospitals’ use story telling as a marketing tool. (VBMA Category 3)

What’s the Worst that can Happen? – Disaster Preparedness (VBMA Category 2)

Belonging – The Language and Emotion of Groups and Teams (VBMA Category 3)

Getting the Job you want – externships, Interviewing, and being a success at your new job. (VBMA Category 4)

Mike on the Uncharted Podcast February 2019.

Mike on the Vet Med After Hours Podcast December 2019. 


Hear Mike Talk:

University of Tennessee VBMA: Numbers for Vets who don’t like numbers! – February 7th 2022

Auburn University VBMA: Weaponized Reviews – February 8th 2022

UC Davis VBMA: The Myth of Time Management  – March 2nd 2022

Nave Group Webinar: The Myth of Time Management – March 16th 2022

University of Wisconsin VBMA: Numbers for Vets who don’t like numbers!  – March 24th 2022

Mississippi State VBMA: The Myth of Time Management – September 15th 2022

MiVetCon; Michigan Veterinary Medical Association – October 7th 2022

8:00AM – Benchmarking for Vets and New Managers

9:00AM – Myth of Time Management

10:00AM – Getting the Job you Want

2:00PM – Communicating Through the Noise

3:00PM – Belonging: Groups + Teams

4:00PM – What’s the Worst that can Happen?

Western University VBMA: Weaponized Reviews – October 12th 2022

Mike Falconer

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