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The articles below are, for the most part, from my time writing for the entertainment lighting press. They do, however, cover a range of subjects. Unfortunately, not all the articles from this time are currently online and tracking what is online is hard work. I might get what is not currently online posted here in time. For a bit of background about that time in my life you can look here.

For VetX International

Management Lessons from the 24th Century. What management lesions can Star Trek: The Next Generation teach us?

For ACT Lighting / MA Lighting:

An Introduction to Programming This was basic guide to some of the principles behind programming a lighting console. It was written, originally, to solve the problem of training new users on a complex console, who did not know any of the basics of lighting control. To my knowledge the information is as good today as it was eight years ago when I wrote it.

Disk and Show Management This was written out of frustration due to even experienced console programmers taking huge risks with their show data and not understanding the basics of backing up. Although this mostly talks about floppy drives (on their way out even when this was written) the ideas and concepts are still vaild.

A Low Down and Dirty Guide to Ethernet This was probably the most successful thing I ever wrote. It makes me cringe a bit now however. At the time we had a lot of new people trying to use Ethernet and getting tied up in knots. We also had a lot of very clever technical people explaining way more than your general user needed to know. This article was written in response to that. It was one of the first things I got published in Lighting Dimensions, now Live Design, and their version can be found here. There was also a version written for MA Lighting which I’m sure is on a CD somewhere.

The grandMA Thesaurus A big deal at the time, the grandMA Thesaurus is probably woefully out of date now. It did, however spawn several imitators as an easy way to make experienced operators, on one console, be able to figure out what they wanted to do on a new console. In this case it was a Wholehog II, which I also had a hand in selling and supporting, that dominated the market, and we wanted to make it as easy as possible for Hog II operators to work with a grandMA. This also appeared as an MA article at one point.

For Lighting Dimensions (now called Live Design):

A Quick and Dirty Guide to Ethernet The Lighting Dimensions version of my Low Down and Dirty Guide to Ethernet.

A Cautionary Content Tale Caused a huge fuss at the time – which was sort of the point – but after the fuss had died down I did have a number of figures in the video world say that it made them stop and think, including this great comment.

The Green Beast Part 2 An unusual assignment for Lighting Dimensions for me -a show review article (I tended to do theses of one of their competitors and normally had to pitch stories to them). They actually asked me to write this one! Someone else wrote part one.

It is all About the Visuals Another video article – this one more of a beginners guide.

Book Review: The Automated Programmers Handbook My first book review!

Lighting and Sound America:

I wrote a lot of Lighting and Sound America, however, they do not have an online archive – I fact i chided them about when they started. The following is all that I can dig up from around the web – I do have all these articles in one form or another and I’ll get them posted at some point.

The Art of Responsibility An article exploring the life of a working lighting designer who also researches and advises on a rare from of cancer – his own. I’m quite proud of this piece as it was very much the type of article I wanted to write at the time: grounded in the lighting world but that explored more fundamental issues.

Lighting & Sound International:

The sister publication of Lighting and Sound America does have an online archive and I also wrote quite a bit for them! The search function of their archive does not work very well however, so I may have missed a couple of articles.

LDI ’05 An ensemble piece reviewing the major USA lighting trade show in 2005.

In Profile: Justin Collie A conversation with lighting designer Justin Collie .

In Profile: Kevin Eld A conversation with Disney Production Manager Kevin Eld.

Plasa 2005 An ensemble piece reviewing the major UK lighting trade show in 2005.

Tori Amos Royce Hall, UCLA Short show review, the pictures are mine also.

In Profile: Heath Marrinan A conversation with lighting designer Heath Marrinan, which actually started life as a very different type of article on the stresses and strains of being a touring lighting designer for small scale touring.

Lighting Fun & Games A review of the booths and lighting at E3 – photos are mine also.

And the winner Is… Another article on the Color Kinetics vs Super Vision lawsuit that dominated a lot of my timein 2004 / 2005.

Coachella Valley A review of the Coachella Music Festival, for which I also photographed and got the cover. The article starts on page 69.

Linkin Park A review and photos of Linkin Park at the Great Western Forum. My first Cover!

Kid Rock A review and photos of Kid Rock at the Universal Amphitheater.

LEDs: Why all the Fuss? A primer on the LED controversy of the time. I believe this article was also published in Lighting & Sound America.

In Profile: Robert Bell A conversation with Lighting and Product Designer Robert Bell – Page 82.

In Profile: Johnathan Deans A conversation with Sound Designer Jonathan Deans – Page 98.


Welcome to the Real World This article was actually part of the research for a piece for Adbusters Magazine. The ultimate article for Adbusters was quite different, and so this piece did not have a home and so ended up on Gather.

Adbusters Magazine:

Art Fart This was one of the most main stream things I wrote during the 2004-2006 period (so not very main stream. The link is currently down but you can buy the magazine here if you are really interested. I’d really hoped to write on a regular basis for these guys but it never materialized.