Books on social media, and there are plenty, face a significant problem – the world of social media and content marketing is changing so fast that they are in danger of becoming obsolete before they are even published.

“The Yellow Pages Are Dead,” has the potential to address this issue in two ways; by being only available in electronic format which one assumes can be easily updated, and dealing with the concepts and issues related to content marketing / social media in general terms. It will be interesting to see whether this happens – I would be very surprised if it did not.

A very easy, and reasonably short read, the book tackles most of the ideas and issues that the veterinary profession faces when dealing with the digital age. Certainly opinionated, and passionate about his subject, Dr. Nicol walks the reader through each step of transferring an analog marketing plan into a digital and social one based around content creation.

If I have to pick fault – and I do because it is my nature – it is that the book makes several assumptions that veterinary practices have a marketing plan of some kind, or at least know what one looks like. This, in my experience is not always the case. This, however, is a minor quibble. New trends and potential fads in the social media world are pretty much ignored in the book (QR codes, geolocation, electronic coupons, etc. etc.) however the concepts and ideas that the book explains can easily be adapted should you want to follow any of these technologies.

The great thing about this book is that it does walk the reader, whether experienced or not, through each step of creating a coherent strategy for digital marketing. Which is pretty much what it says it will do on the “cover.”

Of course, the thing that really makes this book stand out is its author. Not just a veterinarian, but also a business man, manager, and a digital marketer who has walked the walk. Dave Nicol shows that digital marketing can be a part of the working veterinarian’s life.

No veterinarians were harmed in the writing of this book, but a lot of businesses might be saved from painful, or useless, forays in the the social media world by reading it and taking its advice to heart.

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